Through the persistent efforts of our Webb Park Civic Association beautification committee, local businesses and city efforts our very own Gus Kinchen neighbhorhood trail got a major facelift.  

Kinchen Combined.jpg
Thank you all for your support and assistance on this project. The trees are all thriving and beautiful; so please take a walk, sit on a bench, and choose a book from the little libraries. 

- Jan Shoemaker WPCA Beautification Chair



Gus Kinchen Neighborhood Trail running from College Drive to Country Club


January 28th, 2017

Beautification Committee and Team

Jan Shoemaker (Chairman)Ernie Gremillion
Ernie Gremillion
Jessica and Anthony O'Connor
Paula and Chuck Bloomfield
Toni and Gus Kinchen
Van Cox
Bill Rountree
60+ other Webb Park Neighbors


Trail History

The Gus Kinchen trail is named in honor of former city councilman Gus Kinchen, a member of LSU’s 1958 National Championship team. The trail is well-used by Webb Park residents, but by 2016 the WPCA beautification committee noticed that it was badly in need of a facelift. New trees will enhance its beauty, promote good health, and improve property values for all.


WPCA Efforts

On January 28th 2017 the WPCA neighborhood gathered together to improve our trail.  Over the course of the project together we placed 102 tagged trees, 3 dog waste stations, 2 “little libraries,”  and 3 benches over 2500 feet of trail. 


Enjoying the fruits of our labor

On April 22nd  2017, WPCA held a trail walk and tour to engage and ceelebrate the work.  Resident landscape architects Van Cox and Bill Rountree gave tours highlighting the design intent and thoughts behind the plantings that were chosen.


Looking Ahead

Our efforts for the trail aren't over.  There are more improvements that we would like to see happen.  

  • In April 2017 WPCA received a $1,000 Neighborhood Challenge Grant from Mid City Redevelopment Alliance to pay for an additional bench and partial payment for a permanent sign rededicating the Gus Kinchen Trail.
  • We continue to petition the city to resurface the trail.